Today he barked at Rolling Art.

Today he barked at Rolling Art.

So this first morning of 2009, I took the artist (who will be turning 1 year on his “Pound Birthday” on the 10th) ,  on a walk and in front of us coming out of the Yacht Club strolls (or rather rolls) a giant painting of the Eiffel Tower.

Now, Puppicasso started barking wildly at it —

Could it be memories of Paris?

Could it be an Art Critique?

Could it be that he was excited at the innovation of moving art?

As it turned the corner, there was a Thomas Kincaidian landscape painted on the back side of the Tower painting.

He was not barking at the painting at all, but the two men wheeling it around, and that was probably his most artistic comment on the moment.  He was barking at the mechanics and the men, rather than the appearance of the picture….or he was simply being a puppy, sans Picasso.