So, as I have had no email due to a technical glitch that can only be handled by the people that don’t answer the phones – don’t get me started on Customer Service as a right not a privilege…. I devoured a great Writing Prompt Book – Jack Prelutsky’s Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry: How to Write A Poem.

One really cool thing about him, he is the first Children’s Poet Laureate.  I love that distinguished title, it is something so grown-up like “Consultant”, but his poems reflect the pure joy of wordplay.   That joy was in the reading and in the exercises or “tips” as he labels them – stuff that I forgot like concrete poetry: words as art.  He wrote a poem in the shape of a circle, that you had to spin it around to read – something right up my skating alley, as I love to spin!

So I wrote one in the shape of a boomerang:


boom             and

a                               it

threw                            never

I                                                  came

Once                                                             back.

Just pure fun!

I’ve been stressing out about writing for the conferences, and getting the rejections, and crafting the words just right that nothing comes out— that creates a big writer’s block of nothing.

So thank you Jack for your personable poetry book, and someday I hope to take over your laureate position.