Busy is a word reserved for the few, the proud, the busy.  But when you are so busy, you cannot pursue your complete pursuit of happiness…  Sometimes you have to change the order of the to-do list.

Easier said than done, when the government has deadlines, and bill collectors have their deadlines, and publishers have their deadlines.  When they all converge at once, it sometimes helps to apply that old test-taking philosophy:  Do the easy questions first, then go back to the hard ones if you have time at the end of the test.

So, after doing the fun, but tiring things (like volunteer for ISU Skating Worlds), and the pressing things (like finishing up work on “Breaking Bad”), my April Fools Day was spent doing taxes.

I also managed to fit one more thing in– a revision that I am actually  happy with on my manatee picture book.  I have been wrestling with the concept of this book for years, going through many critiques from fellow writers and editors alike — and I am going to declare that I found it’s voice.  It’s truer to me now, and I know there will be editorial revisions in the future, but finally to me the story is clear.  It hit me as I did the dummy on it, and with the non-verbal “editing” skills that I use at work with ease, I cut and pasted my way to the heart of the story.

Thanks to Alexis O’Neill and the blank book from Santa Barbara retreat, it has been my work horse.

When I got home from my taxes appointment and flipped on the t.v. – this is what I saw:


I have gone to several Writer 2 Writer events here, and was thinking of doing a birthday detour to it this Sunday…I hope the bookstore and everyone who worked there can survive something as freakish as this.   My sympathies go out to those hurt and to the families of the victims of the crash.