So having a birthday in Spring around this time of year gives a certain affinity for things.

I think Peeps rock!  And I did before I knew about Lisa Yee’s Peepy’s antics  in her blog (just to let you know I’m not trying to copy, just a fun coincidence.)

There is just something about the ultra-brite being made out of marshmallow and sugar that is captivating…  So maybe all of us who love the Peep – Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Buddhist, or all of the above or none of the above… share a common bond, a very sticky one.

I share this link with you today :

And when you eat a smeep, just smile and think of my idea for a new picture book and a holiday for those of us on the West coast, that are always jealous that the East coast gets everything live and we have to wait for “previously recorded” and hope for no spoilers…Happy Wester and a Merry Passoverunder! (sorry, I can’t resist word play – even if it is word roughhousing.)

(For those of you with East coast feeds on your Satellite, this won’t apply)