This blog is dedicated to my pursuit of publishing in the world of Kid Lit, but it is not in my nature to be that narrowly focused all the time.   So this week has been about marrying most of my passions and pursuits.

It started by entering the Comment Challenge, and then drifted into the pursuit of Los Angeles Food Trucks.    Next, I attended the SCBWI monthly schmoozefest then I entered a short fiction contest.   Finally rounding out the week, I watched the first of the figure skating hopefuls to go the Olympics in Vancouver.

No need to further discuss the comment challenge today, other than I filled my daily quota of five.

In a kismet bit of faith and planning I was driving home from hip-hop dancing at the gym, and pulled over to have dinner at the Fry Truck.  If you don’t know about the phenomenon of gourmet food trucks – they are catering trucks that offer specialty menu items and tweet their whereabouts and then the pursuit for food is on.  I’ve had the Koji truck (the one that started the trend) which is a combination of korean barbeque and mexican food.  The short ribs tacos and burritos are flavorful. The Fry truck offers fries with toppings and I finished my workout with an order of chili-cheese sweet potato fries… yum.

The next night was the time to schmooze in person with other Kid-lit types. The subject of the evening was endings.  I love the lively discussions on such topics as the undeserved ending of the picture book, Grumpy Bird.  The debate over if it was believable or necessary to have all of the creatures in the book able to fly up to the tree top sparked an amount of controversy usually reserved for the NBC late night wars.

I made the deadline for a short fiction (not kid lit) 250 words or less contest offered on the blog, The Clarity of Night.  Writing challenges like this are like going to the gym or practicing in a skating rink – they keep my inner pencil sharp.

Finally, the U.S. figure skating nationals… being an adult competitive skater you skate alongside many of the Olympic hopefuls and work with their coaches so you feel a bond with these amazing athletes.  Southern California has a ton of contenders for the spots on the Olympic team, let’s see if they can represent.  As for my own practice this week, the rink where I usually skate at was closed for a Chevy commercial shoot on the day I wanted to practice.

Writing, skating, and fooding all in a pretty good week.

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