Stop Measuring Practices

Pupp tells me to stop measuring practices

When I walk with Puppicasso in the mornings, we pass by a homeless juggler practicing, always practicing.  He’s not the best I have ever seen, but then when do you see random jugglers in the field?  He throws the clubs into the air and usually gravity welcomes them back to the ground, but occasionally they take twirly flight.  He is not judging how far he has come (or maybe he is – I choose not to ask when he is in the mode), but he is certainly not doing it for money or competition, he is just juggling.

As Puppicasso is just walking, and I should just stop overly thinking things, and stop judging and measuring my successes when I practice anything — be it writing, skating, dancing, living.

Okay, the Pupp decree for the day has been launched into the atmosphere.  Hopefully I won’t drop my clubs too soon.