I wish I ran like clockwork, but humans are funny creatures and are not so precise and reliable (that’s why it is not called humanwork, duh).

Unlike my feebleness of character, Puppicasso is true to his instinct, his nature, his moral design.  So like clockwork, I mean dogwork, he defends me against things that are just unnatural, like people moving on wheels.  He shifts into high alert when he is faced with these situations of abnormality.

He never shies away from the threat of a bicyclist, scooter-er, or skateboarder.  I too must stay the course and remain vigilant against the negative, unnatural obstacles to achieving my goals.  This brings me to his current decree: (he had to use his clipboard for this one)

Pupp commands you to Be Vigilant!

I surely can’t disobey the flash of his eyes!

(and neither should you)