The Early Bird does not always get the worm.  That is if the E.B. actually wanted the worm in the first place.

Now that we are so viral and global in 2012, time is in the eye of the beholder.  If you want to camp out to buy the latest i-whatever or see the latest Twi-whatever, I guarantee you that there will be someone in line ahead of you.

Time-sucks are everywhere but sometimes they are necessary.  When Puppicasso needs to be tended to, all my busy things get put on hold.  He wrote me a greeting card this morning:

Pupp's Greeting Card Cover -- "No Matter How Early You Wake Up..."

I opened it up to read the inside:

Inside Reads: "You Will Always be Late for Something"

He should write for Hallmark or for the Magic 8 ball.  He is always spot on.  And re-using a manila folder, brilliant.