As you know from past predictions, Puppicasso does not do green for the sake of being green.  He recycles his food everyday, but not for cash.  He has no clue what a carbon footprint is, because he doesn’t have a footprint.  He is a dog.  He has paws.

So, as he goes about his walk, if he picks up leaves on his fur, he carries them around.  He eventually drops them off at another location, pollinating his trail.  Simply by inhabiting his space in life, his territory has to change as a result.  No way to work around that.  To try to leave nothing behind is futile…

He is very good at creating and hitting his mark in life.

Leave Your Mark.

He stood really still for a long time, holding his mark and his leaves well.

Keep Leaving Your Mark.

Sometimes the best way to leave your mark, is to leave it alone.