I am torn by shuffling.  When the randomness of an iPod gives you an unexpected musical treat that is one thing, but now the fact that everyone has a personal playlist in an instant has me feeling a little sad.

When I was younger if a song came on the radio and I didn’t hear the name from the deejay, I agonized and got on a mission to conquer that song.  I was going to make it mine.  Going to record stores, sifting through covers, singing the chorus to record store employees — my hunt for unknown tracks was like Javert’s pursuit of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.

This being said, Puppicasso has never downloaded a single song.  He is into concept albums, and he must listen to them in full and in the complete order as intended by the artist.  Being a mini artist himself, he respects the full context of any type of art.  He doesn’t have to take an art appreciation class for that.  But mind you, he is not all classic rock, and NPR — not that kind of music snob.  He just doesn’t care for creating his own playlists, and since he doesn’t “own” any downloads, shuffling is lost on him.  Found music appeals to him most: hearing a song over the speakers of a pet store, or just the ones that pop into his head like they are trying to tell him something.

On our walk today something else popped up to Puppicasso, an abandoned piece of art on the street.

He had to use this found painting to show me the tune that popped into his head this morning.  I think he is trying to tell me something….

"Ah -- Push It."


"Push It Real Good!"

The immortal lyrics of Salt and Pepa will carry me through this day.  Thanks, Pupp.