Full Moon Morning.


Puppicasso and I went out this morning to a full moon.  Of course we are awake before the sun is.  And every early morning, I seem to be running on empty.  This makes Puppi mad at me.  So, after I walked and fed him, he got his pencil and composition notebook and got to work.

Don't bother Puppicasso when he is writing!

He is very secretive and protective about his work, just as I am about mine.  Keeping a secret is actually pretty easy.

I haven’t, until recently, released some of my dreams — (dreams are simply secrets that the night keeps away from the day).  Still tons of my ideas sit in journals and notebooks, waiting for the right time to become.

I sneak around Puppi to peak at what he wrote:

"Be FULL like the moon..."

then flipping the page to:

"or like my tummy."









He was glad that I fed him till he was full after our walk.   And he wanted me to know that even though everyone says you should “live life to the fullest,” the moon and the tummy can’t not be full all the time.

Sometimes life has to get simpler and smaller, so it can fill out its shape better, not just bigger.