Birthdays have always been anticlimactic for me.

When I was in school, all of my classmates were three years ahead of me, so as they got to drive, I got to see PG-13 movies… They got to drink, and I got to vote – yay for me.  I was afraid to celebrate them simply because, they had been “done” before by all my friends.  So, I stopped really celebrating them for a long, long time — I am talking dog years.

Which brings me to a certain little one that is turning four today, (or is that 28?).

Today is Puppicasso’s Fourth Birthday!

Well, at least that’s what I’ve declared, (he’s a rescue, so he is constantly misplacing his birth certificate, and can’t stand paperwork.)

I had a mini celebration for him:

Happy (not so)

Puppi Birthday

He was not amused.

He doesn’t liked to be fussed over, besides he has gone through seven years in a day.

He turns to his bottle:

I wonder what is in his black skull bottle.

Oh, it must be shame.

He kept drinking for a long time.

Moon Shine Eyes.

But at some point the drinking did the trick.  He was over himself.  He got out of his self-absorbed stupor and got to partying.

He celebrated his new year with a noise maker.

He kept blowing into his noisemaker, and he made me stop worrying about my birthday too (hard to worry with all that racket).

He keeps wanting me to save my date, like saving a future memory.

I don’t dare go against him, after all I think he has some moonshine left for me.

So April 5th, here I come.