Puppi loves packages. Mostly because they come in boxes, but since he has enrolled in Nose Work classes, he knows that boxes contain treats.  Not just regular treats, good and smelly ones like chicken hot dogs.  In class, he is usually pretty focused, but sometimes he veers off task.  But when he stays true to his instincts, he always gets the prize.

Today, he became the surprise:


I got an unexpected note from a neighbor, who called me “Puppycasso’s Mom”.  The gist of the note was about connections and creativity.  The spark of meeting kindred spirits seems to be in the cards for me this year.  And even though this blog ‘o dog is generating laughs from my colleagues at work, unexpected packages keep opening up for Pupp and his mom.

His constant and consistent love for stuff that lives inside the box seems to be a better route to creative happiness than the mandate from some folks to think out of it.