There are two kinds of lottery players — the planners, and the quick-pickers.

There are only one kind of lottery winners — the random ones.

Even if you play the same numbers every week, you still need the randomness of all of your numbers occurring in order to win.

Sometimes, I make Puppicasso earn his keep by doing household chores. Like wearing like missing-paired socks to mop the floors:

PuppMopp® (patent pending)

We were picking up around the house this morning — this is his specialty.

He nods in agreement with his bagging skillz.

He is always proud of his bounty, and he likes to show me what he has bagged:

Pupp's Bounty for today.

An old package of camera lens cleaners,

A place card from my turn of the century wedding,

and a piece of a cardboard sake box…

Not bad, but of course he had to put his mark of wisdom and meaning behind the most mundane task:

"Never Underestimate the Power & Beauty of Randomness."

He can’t help himself.  He always has to make a statement, and with his “quick-pick” of the day — he wins.