Puppicasso has been in this town de-la-Hollywood for a long time.  He knows things that only a vet of the film business knows.  As I have said before, he has witnessed the terrible and the triumphs — they are all the same to him.

One fact that all collective lay-folk know is that the camera adds 10 to your look.  That is, the way you look on camera, it doesn’t add ten pounds of actual weight.  Contrary to popular belief, the camera is not that powerful in manners of nutrition and biology… yet.

Puppicasso is usually very logical and not at all self-conscious, but ever since these daily prediction photo shoots started happening, he feels it is finally time he did something about his weight.  So, he gets out the dreaded scale.

The Real Scale of Justice.

He reluctantly gets on.

Pupp, Reluctant.


But he, as only a Puppicasso can, has found his own way to battle the bulge — he steps on with only one paw…

Pupp shows his patented "One-Paw" Weighing Technique.

…weighing in a false positive.

21.5 pounds? I don't think so Puppi.


His weight is not what it appears to be on the scale, and is not what it appears to be on t.v.


He knows that weight is only a number.

(or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself)