You never know what will happen when you walk Puppicasso.  There are just certain people and situations that he attracts and is attracted to.

One such case is when we were walking down a major half-and-half street, you know, where residences and taco stands lie across the street from each other.   In the canine world, half of the street is for eating, the other half for sleeping — and nothing but walking in between.

Anyway, we passed by a house and an old lady pssted us from her door, and asked us if we could help her.  She beckoned us to come inside, I hesitated, asking her if it is okay for Puppi to come inside her place.  She didn’t mind, she needed immediate help from us.

We entered her house, and she handed me two remotes.  She wanted to watch JEOPARDY, but she couldn’t get the television working.

I adjusted the channels, and told her not to touch one of the remote controls, just to use the one she had held in her hand to control her viewing requirements.  She thanked us, and we left to the dulcet, condescending tones of Alex Trebek.


Now I know most dogs relish routine walks like clockwork, but Puppicasso knows that when I have to get a cut out at work or an unexpected screening comes up, his walking time will get thwarted.  Because of that, sometimes he has a mind just to walk himself.

Pupp is ready to carry his own wienie-leash.


I had a late night the night before and the night before that, but on this night, I got home early enough to catch him watching JEOPARDY.

He must compulsively play along with the game.  He has carried that Elderly-Jeopardy-Gene in him ever since he was a puppy-Pupp.

And tonight he had the answer/question for me to ponder…


He always shapes his answers in the form of a question.


I have no idea what the question/answer was that was given, but “What is 3-Dog-Night?” rather than “Who is Three Dog Night?” is his answer/question.

I know from that answer and look of his, that it has been a long week and “A Hard Pupp’s Night.”  I should be sleeping like a log, not working like a dog.