Puppicasso was about to walk in the rain when I snapped his “Before” picture.  He yawned with excitement.


Uh oh, here comes the dreaded blow-dry.


He is philosophically opposed to using blow dryers.  It is not that he wants to conserve electricity, we all know that he is not green, in fact his fur is every shade but.  He looks like he had highlights put in his coat, but that rainbow is his real fur color.

He enjoys going natural and certainly doesn’t like the results of an un-dampening by technological means.


He believes in unfettered hair.

He knows that fresh air flow is the best technique to purge a Bad Hair Day.

Puppi using his wet fur as a billboard.
Now he is a Burma-Shave Sign.

Having a/ Bad Hair Day?/ Just Shake/ It Off!/ Or Smell/ Like/ Wet Dog/ Puppma-Shave.

(nothing beats free advertising)