Taking the Hair of the Dog today for a work hangover — the cure for one job by doing another and another and another.

Puppicasso and I worked too late last night on our day job….

Pupp uses the floor at work for support.

Many people have different theories about how to cure a hangover.  With the football playwoofs over, and the teams for the Super Bowl in place, many losing fans are probably trying to nurse a few self-inflicted wounds with their own version of the HOTD.

For Puppicasso, it is simple:  there is nothing that shopping, stale popcorn and Dublin Dr Pepper can’t cure.

Dr Pup Dublin Picasso

He especially loves the imperial cane sugar in this blend of the soda drink.

He imbibes another cold Dublin.

He was very sad to find out today that the Dublin plant was closed forever last week.


Now, he wishes he hadn’t drunk those two bottles so quickly.  He knows that some formulas for success and great flavors don’t come around that often…  Planets and Minds and Hearts have to align just so.

Puppicasso knew that the ultimate cure for too much work in my life was for me to take on another project.

This one was a great hair to put on ye’ ol’ career wounds that I had been nursing:

(Puppi enjoys taking hangover cures back to those Shakespearean times when that guy kept coining words and phrases. Who did he think he was anyway, Shakespeare?)

Pupp is a Pure Bibliophile.


The cure came to me over a post-wedding breakfast in Tuscon.  That project was Book Club which just premiered on Hulu today at 12:00 A.M. !

Noah Longo, Jessica Runck, and Katey Kowalik (the producers and directors of the series) are the type of folk that you want to work for — ones that appreciate and respect your time, energy, and ideas.

So, Puppicasso generously let me interrupt his blogging for a shameless plug of the series:


As the doors to the Dublin Dr Pepper plant closes, another Book Club opens.

And now I know that Puppicasso’s Hair of The Dog  is simply this — no matter how good or bad a work situation is, it is only temporary.

Gone are the days of gold watches and secured pensions… just move on to the next gig.

And I think Puppi already has.  He wandered down the hall where we work our day job, and found this show sign:

Puppicasso's new show.