Puppicasso’s mom (meaning me) has always had sinus issues.  It turns out that I am allergic to dust and dogs.

I suppose if I got rid of those two things I would gain clarity, but sometimes clarity is not necessarily achieved through free passages.

I am feeling very chemical and scientific today, not just from working on the show “Breaking Bad” since Season 2, but by the way my narrowing nasal passages are causing a tunnel vision for my tasks at hand today.

Puppi has seen me go to extreme means to be able to breathe but this might be too much for him to handle…

This is how I can pick up Pupp -- allergy free.

But, Puppicasso is not frightened by my Tyvek attire because he knows his periodic table of elements so well —

that’s where he gets most of his table scraps from.

Meet Puppiodic Chart Element #15, Phosphoruff!

Phosphoruff has given me an hypothesis to prove today:

Action figures are said to be mint if they remain in their original boxes.  Predict that this unbroken state will deem them useless for creating action.

He can be so serious when he is in research mode.

He consults the Pupp Table for his place in society – http://www.ptable.com/ and finds that he belongs the Nitrogen Group.  He knows that they have made some shady stock market deals in the past.  He is hoping to be part of the new generation of Nitrogens that will right those former wrongs.

And then on WikiPuppi,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphorus , he discovers his place in mythology…

He is the light bearer and the fertilizer essential for life.

If the amount of fertilizing he does in the morning is any indication…

Poopicasso Phosphoruff is single-handedly ensuring that plenty of pep is predicted to prosper.

( He couldn’t resist using Palliteration, please take pity on him.)