Puppi doesn’t like cable.  He feels like it is a leash, but he wears it as a crown…

He wears a crown of ethernet cable.

He feels the need to be wireless today.  So off we go… Puppi Unplugged.

Puppicasso Sunrise

Puppi Reflective

Puppi Photo Enforced.


Puppi Waiting for the Cross.

Puppicasso Still Life Self-Portrait, titled "Still Waiting." (for sale by owner)


Ah, the glamour of snail mail.

Puppi Postage'


Puppi's Parking Meter runs like a cab's.

Puppi crushes cardboard and gets it in line.

Puppi longs to play in the playground.

Whipp Pan Pupp.

Puppicasso can put the past behind him.

Alas, the balls will be chased by another.

This must not be anytime then.                 It is must be specific time.

Now he is back home, to plug in and recharge for the night.

To truly measure how good being wireless feels, try being leashed.