Puppicasso is always on the off-season.  He is fully into baseball mode today.

I can’t get him to give me his picks for the Puppi Bowl.

And he could care less who is singing in the Kitty Half-time show, even if he owns all of her albums.

This means you, Puppicasso!

He doesn’t care about reading signs, unless he wrote them himself.

He's a selective reader.

So, he dashes onto the baseball field.

So fast, he's a Fuzz Fly!

And plays every position…

Pupp Dugg Out

On the Pawball.

… and watches himself play ball from the stands.

Bleacher Bumpupp

And with a full count and one out left and bases loaded in the two-minute warning in the bottom of 9th quarter for sudden death penalty kicks and one more round and lap to go on the 18th hole…

Puppi in a pickle sliding and...

Stealing Home.

If home is where the heart is or somewhere adjacent, or even nearby then…

Puppicasso stole my heart home plate and the umpire called it safe (even if the ump still needs to sweep it up).