Puppicasso got typecast when he was a puppy Pupp.

Flashback to his first Halloween:


He played the Tramp from “Lady and the Tramp” in the Haute Dogs Howloween parade in Long Beach, CA.

He's a Pupp, and I love him.

His costume was simple, but he pulled it off with panache…

Tramp Seeks Lady...


...to share spaghetti.



Flashback to the present day, when Puppi’s mom actually got to take a walk outside during her lunch hour at work.

The stroll ended up detouring in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where I saw–


One of the most beloved pup stars of all time, Dorothy’s companion.

It got me to thinking that Toto had been typecast his whole life as a Kansas Spitfire with a heart of gold.  Although I guess, is not such a bad bit of typecasting, like John Wayne was always the hero.  There are worse things you can be than saving-the-day-well-liked-go-to-kid.

Puppicasso however, prides himself on taking his career path to the next level, even if that level is still sniffing the ground.

He refuses to be the “Pupptag Repair Dog” or “Mr. Whippupple” or even always being referred to as “The Tramp” —  despite the fact that he loves the movie, and reminds me often that he helped me write a great live version of the classic story  “Lady and the Tramp Redux” (hint, hint, still shopping it around town, Puppicasso would like to get into the WGA soon, just for health benefits of course)

He just feels adamantly that typecasting is putting him into an unfair classification of skills that only call into his abilities the roles and job labels that he has had in the past.  But with that protest I still try to measure exactly what his skill set is or at least is length in inches…

Pupp Measures...

up and away from the limelight.

I look to see what the result of my cold calculations are on the measurement of a Pupp, and he reveals to me what the P.A. that picked up his lunch takeout wrote on his carton.

"Typecasting doesn't measure talent."

And with that I put my ruler away.