Puppicasso couldn’t have predicted this.  Even though we all know in the back of our mind when our pets grow old, that we will have to deal with their passing, but it surprises us nonetheless.

This weekend, my 96-year-old Grandma’s dog, her beloved Honey Bear slipped away from her time on the Earth.  Honey Bear was a constant companion to my Grandma, ever since she was a rescue pup when I worked on “Lethal Weapon 4” in 1998.  Our director on the movie, Richard Donner, is a big advocate of Animal Rescue, and Honey Bear was part of a litter found by one of my Editor’s on the show, Dallas Puett.

My Grandma being my Grandma, calls everything Honey-This and Honey-That, so when this Chow/Shepard ball of fur arrived at her doorstep, she was dubbed, Honey Bear.  She was a big, sweet lovable soul and lived a long doggie-life — now she is free from her physical pain.

Our pets cannot talk to us, they can only care for us, and we can only care for them — no other relationship in our lives can be this pure and free of any ulterior motives.  Puppicasso knows this fact intimately.

RIP Honey Bear… My family holds your love in our heart.