Happy Leap Day!

I’ve always had this fascination for a day that only chooses to show up every four years.  I think it has such flair, never wanting to over stay its welcome.  I’ve thought about people born on this day, are almost measured in dog years minus three.

Puppicasso doesn’t equate things in terms of age, but he has imagine if he himself was born on Leap Day, would he have to multiply his age by 11 years?  Oy, he feels old enough already.  Although this day is a celebration to him, of a little more time to play, so I give you Puppicasso-a-leaping.


With all this celebration in the morning, we were saddened to find out that afternoon that Davy Jones from the Monkees had died suddenly.  Puppicasso and I are with heavy heart, because as we got an extra day, that day became his last.

Puppi dedicates his favorite Monkees song to him: