Long time no look.  It seems that Puppicasso has been predicting my neglect with taking good care of my balances in life.  Too much work for others, self-neglect, Pupp-neglect.  So without further procrastination, I turn to cleaning up the neglected areas, in doing so I find what Puppi has been trying to show me.

He was not feeling well, so I took him the vet yesterday (see PP #140, that has yet to be written), and now I am on Puppicasso watch for any signs of real trouble.  This worries me so, but in such worrisome moments, I find that it is better to maintain some normalcy — so off for Pupp’s regular, old morning walk.

And here is what he found…

Pennies in the Grass.

Pupp is very proud to find cash.

He has to sniff out the loot to count it.

He found 28 pennies to be exact.  He got the winnings from a natural slot machine and didn’t want to revel in the new found fortune — remember he is constantly seeking balance, in Puppicasso-style.

He found one more thing on the way back home.

Ivory love.

So it seems that Ivory hearts trash cans, and so does Puppi.

And off we go to the next thing, not looking back (well sort of not looking that way).