It is official, I have lost the touch.

Maybe my fingerprints rubbed off.

Maybe the glass of technology doesn’t respond to my touch, because I am no longer human.  The sensitivity needed to power my phone has vanished.

I think of this lack of clear communication, and I wonder how Puppicasso deals with technology.  I don’t think an Ipad is paw-sensitive.  His paws lack qwerty skills.  A mouse to him is something that cats eat.

In protest of these human technological requirements he is going very old school – Elizabethan in fact…

Puppicasso sporting his E-collar…           All the rage this season.

In letting his natural sense of style come through today, his counterparts are drawn to his charismatic fashion sense…

Shadow, the neighbor dog, wants Puppi’s latest fashion.

Puppicasso’s technology-free morning is complete, but I am not going to be the one to tell him that his inner microchip always keeps him under technology’s grasp.