July 1, 2012…. Happy Mid Year!

This is exactly the midpoint of this year.  Most of us only make New Year’s Resolutions; or really attend to projects at their beginning point; or only have great starts to their races —

but Puppicasso knows that the hinge of everything lies in survival of getting through the bend of the middle.

To that he asks me, “What’s your mid-year resolution?”  He never waits for my response to any question since he has other needs at present, always at present.

Those needs take us to the outside, and that’s where we see them, the unexpected guests…

ducks in the alley in the Valley.

Puppi surveys the pair of Quacks.

I have seen ducks walking around before, but never in the civilized wild, only in parks or in Memphis at the Peabody Hotel, but never casually strolling.  And indeed never in an alley.

So Puppi and I follow the pair of ducks to the midpoint of the alley, I think they got wind of us, so as not to disturb their unique path, we turned back around and ventured elsewhere for his business, which included the usual mischief of barking at Shadow and finding a compost heap to do a quick face rub in.


By the time we got back, the ducks were at the top of the alley again, where we found them the first time.

Maybe they are in purgatory, but more likely they are at their midpoint.  Puppicasso says that I can give myself a break at my midpoint —  I don’t have to meet my New Year’s goal, simply start a Mid-year one.

Thanks Puppi, I needed that do-over.