On July 3rd of 2008, certain puppy with no name was found wandering on the streets of Lakewood, CA.  He was brought into the Long Beach Animal Shelter where he was given the temporary check-in name of Bob, or Temp Bob if you will.

He was wise even then.  He wandered free on the day before the Firework Holiday, so he would get a good cage with a view before the crowd came in.

Puppi portraying the role of Temp Bob…

…recreating his famous 2008 escape to Lakewood.

He fooled them with his age, they thought he was four months old, but he was a worldly six months old.

He even through them off with his name, one of the Animal Care Workers remarked, “He doesn’t look like a Bob.  We are really running out of names.”

And so Temp Bob waits for his new name, and his new home….

I think he knew back then what his future name would be, and it wouldn’t be Ezra Pound Puppy.