Welcome to the Teens!

Last year was definitely a pre-teen time for Puppicasso and me.  Many new creations, activities, and attitudes were realized — but our offline life got in the way of our blogging life.  And since the world didn’t end, he decided to resume his predictions.  So, the first part of this year will be a cleaning house and catching up on the life of Pupp.

The motto of this year will be, “Always put one paw in front of another, and go forward no matter what.”

One Small Paw for Pupp...

One small paw for Pupp…

... one giant leap for Puppi-kind.

… one giant leap for Puppi-kind.

We wish you a Happy 2013!  Enjoy this Millennium’s entry into puberty — hormones will rage and change will be the constant!

Puppicasso wishes to extend a special shout out to Neil Armstrong for use of his likeness and spirit… he is missed.