Puppi and the very Icey Day

Puppi was put on a really strict diet. One can of food a day – half in the morning with pills, repeat at night.

No treats.

The combination of diet and steroids has made for one very cranky Puppi.

As I tried to figure out what I had to do to satiate Puppi’s well-being, I was off to the cast and crew screening of a short film I made, Breaking Ice.  Appropriately enough, I had crew gifts made that were mood cups that changed color when cold…


Coming back from the rink where the screening was held, I literally stumbled on the cure to his chewiness… Ice Cubes.  (I fell carrying the ice chest that contained them, and ending up using the cubes to ice my shins.)

He used them to teeth as a puppy-Pupp, and now they cooled his anger towards the diet.

Ice is usually thought of as cold and unforgiving, but using it in tiny chunks made Puppi’s life right now more warm and inviting.

Yay Ice!




I don’t know if he has told you lately, but Puppicasso has been very ill lately.

He is on the road to recovery but it is slow going.

He had to give the vet a stool sample, and this is what we thought they meant…

And a stool sample on sale too!

He really is trying to keep a comic look on his illness.  I love that about the Pupp.

As you know Puppicasso is scared of his own farts and the sound of farts in general.

Today he jumped at the start of sprinklers turning on, I guess they sounded like wet farts.

Enough said.

Puppicasso found his red,


white and blue.


Then he got efficient and found all three in an unlikely source…

Color Trifecta.

Red, White and Band-Aid Blue.

He had a safe and sane holiday, protected from the fireworks. It is such a tough holiday for dogs in general, I am happy he survived through another one.



On July 3rd of 2008, certain puppy with no name was found wandering on the streets of Lakewood, CA.  He was brought into the Long Beach Animal Shelter where he was given the temporary check-in name of Bob, or Temp Bob if you will.

He was wise even then.  He wandered free on the day before the Firework Holiday, so he would get a good cage with a view before the crowd came in.

Puppi portraying the role of Temp Bob…

…recreating his famous 2008 escape to Lakewood.

He fooled them with his age, they thought he was four months old, but he was a worldly six months old.

He even through them off with his name, one of the Animal Care Workers remarked, “He doesn’t look like a Bob.  We are really running out of names.”

And so Temp Bob waits for his new name, and his new home….

I think he knew back then what his future name would be, and it wouldn’t be Ezra Pound Puppy.

One year of guaranteed flowering…

That’s what the sign says.

I don’t think he buys it.


July 1, 2012…. Happy Mid Year!

This is exactly the midpoint of this year.  Most of us only make New Year’s Resolutions; or really attend to projects at their beginning point; or only have great starts to their races —

but Puppicasso knows that the hinge of everything lies in survival of getting through the bend of the middle.

To that he asks me, “What’s your mid-year resolution?”  He never waits for my response to any question since he has other needs at present, always at present.

Those needs take us to the outside, and that’s where we see them, the unexpected guests…

ducks in the alley in the Valley.

Puppi surveys the pair of Quacks.

I have seen ducks walking around before, but never in the civilized wild, only in parks or in Memphis at the Peabody Hotel, but never casually strolling.  And indeed never in an alley.

So Puppi and I follow the pair of ducks to the midpoint of the alley, I think they got wind of us, so as not to disturb their unique path, we turned back around and ventured elsewhere for his business, which included the usual mischief of barking at Shadow and finding a compost heap to do a quick face rub in.


By the time we got back, the ducks were at the top of the alley again, where we found them the first time.

Maybe they are in purgatory, but more likely they are at their midpoint.  Puppicasso says that I can give myself a break at my midpoint —  I don’t have to meet my New Year’s goal, simply start a Mid-year one.

Thanks Puppi, I needed that do-over.