” I was dreaming when I wrote this. So sue me if I go to fast.” – Prince and The Revolution

Puppicasso took a long break from all that predicting, because it was getting way too unpredictable.

But today he turned six years old.

From six months to six years he has been living the adopted life, and from nine months he moved into his Breaking Bad life.  He grew up in the Burbank offices, and early on came to know a fellow named Eddie —

Puppi always has to look over his shoulder....

Puppi always has to look over his shoulder….

Little did I know then that this expression was a prediction...

Little did I know then that this expression was a prediction…

Puppicasso’s first prediction of 2014 was made in 2009, when he sat not so patiently next to Eddie knowing that his mom would be Nominated for one today!

Here’s to hoping that the American Cinema Editors Eddie Awards Ceremony allows Puppis in to enjoy and all the meat they can eat!

Pupp extends his paw up for a paw/fist bump to the other people that gave him belly rubs and fed him while they were trying to cut — Skip Macdonald, Kelley Dixon, and Chris McCaleb!

He thanks Lynne Willingham for lending her Breaking Bad Eddie Award so he could facilitate his long term prediction– five years in the making!



Birthdays have always been anticlimactic for me.

When I was in school, all of my classmates were three years ahead of me, so as they got to drive, I got to see PG-13 movies… They got to drink, and I got to vote – yay for me.  I was afraid to celebrate them simply because, they had been “done” before by all my friends.  So, I stopped really celebrating them for a long, long time — I am talking dog years.

Which brings me to a certain little one that is turning four today, (or is that 28?).

Today is Puppicasso’s Fourth Birthday!

Well, at least that’s what I’ve declared, (he’s a rescue, so he is constantly misplacing his birth certificate, and can’t stand paperwork.)

I had a mini celebration for him:

Happy (not so)

Puppi Birthday

He was not amused.

He doesn’t liked to be fussed over, besides he has gone through seven years in a day.

He turns to his bottle:

I wonder what is in his black skull bottle.

Oh, it must be shame.

He kept drinking for a long time.

Moon Shine Eyes.

But at some point the drinking did the trick.  He was over himself.  He got out of his self-absorbed stupor and got to partying.

He celebrated his new year with a noise maker.

He kept blowing into his noisemaker, and he made me stop worrying about my birthday too (hard to worry with all that racket).

He keeps wanting me to save my date, like saving a future memory.

I don’t dare go against him, after all I think he has some moonshine left for me.

So April 5th, here I come.

I figured since I got older today, that I do a tribute to my blogging namesake:


The best part about this is that when Nostradamus wrote he had a little “help” from nutmeg.  Spices can be a powerful tool for writing inspiration… So, I’ve got a whole non-verbal itinerary planned for today, but maybe I’ll get some predictions for the future from my morning cappuccino.