Some days Puppicasso feels antsy, bloated, and tied up in knots.

Today is one of those days.  When confronted with this feeling, he does the natural thing —

He compares himself to other dogs.

Now, this technique is contrary to his usual “Zen-may-care” attitude, but Puppi is being very catty today and doesn’t care about taking the high road.

To satisfy his temporal need to feel better at another dog’s expense, he asked me to set up a summit.

I caved in to his wishes.

Puppicasso meets Balloon Dog.

Puppicasso meets Balloon Dog.

"Can you believe this guy?"

“Can you believe this guy?”

"Okay, I don't feel so bad now.  Thanks Mom."

“Okay, I don’t feel so bad now.  Thanks Mom.”

I hope he will fare better this weekend than today, but if not, I will have a fleet of Balloon Dogs at the ready for him.