Puppicasso is always ready to deal with a Necessary Evil, not in the biblical WWII sense, but in the “I-should-get-back-into-shape” sense.

He is fine with cardio, and has mastered the canine technique of full sprint and stop for smelling — this fatigues the leg muscles and keeps his olfactory muscles in fine form.

But there is one type of exercise he cannot stand: Resistance Training.

Resistance Training is Futile.

Resistance Training is Futile.

He can’t seem to stand on the band with his paw and simultaneously pull with the opposite one  — not having opposable thumbs makes this workout pretty opposable to Pupp.

Puppi doesn’t want to keep up with the latest fitness trends anymore, he will just continue to do old school callisthenics.   His standard regimen is to chase down that darned tennis ball, drop and repeat.  His resolution in 2013 is to do it more often — that is all, thank you very much.

He wants to remind everyone going back to the gym to be sure to stretch and cool down afterwards.


(Today’s post is dedicated to the coach of my first marathon, Scott Boliver — somewhere he is crossing the finish line with my previous running partner, Salvador Doggie.)