Puppicasso knows Fiscal Cliff personally.  They have had many play dates over his lifetime.  Puppicass loves to wrestle with him and jump over him periodically.

Now I don’t know if Puppi has ever fallen off of F.C., but being that Cliff is an Irish Setter — the height difference could make it a possibility.

If you think this familiarity with Cliff makes Puppi recession proof, he would slap your paw and say, “No Way!”  Last year, he was very sick and being without insurance this cost Puppicasso’s people dearly.  But he has never let a little thing like money get him down, not when the grass and sunshine are still free.  If you will, please enjoy his first 2013 outdoor photo shoot.

"Ah, Grass!"

“Ah, Grass!”

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He misses playing with F. Cliff, but Puppi knows when it is necessary to make new friends.  He’s got great timing that way.